Client: AYW Consulting / Vaya

VAYA™ Pharma focuses on developing and commercializing non-drug, clinically-validated medical food products for the dietary management of disorders associated with specific lipid imbalances, such as ADHD and Early Memory Impairment (EMI). Their products focus on U.S. market penetration, but are also sold in several other countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Israel and Turkey. Working as the support partner for AYW Consulting, we developed an creative marketing strategy that aims to be ambitious and positive in its tone and imagery, with the goal of building significant U.S. market share within two years. The results and feedback have been incredibly positive, and the campaigns built remain active across many print & digital platforms. C+8 worked hand-in-hand with AYW from the initial creative process and structuring to development and implementation of all marketing tools across all media.

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